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Exterior Construction in Regina, Saskatchewan

For exceptional exterior construction work in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, choose PRO-FIT EXTERIORS.

Our Services

In addition to our metal roofing installation services, we offer all kinds of exterior construction procedures, which exclude stucco, but include the following specializations:

• Pre-Engineered Building Construction
• Post Frame Construction (Pole Shed)
• Metal Wall Cladding
• Sidings (All Types)

• Soffit & Fascia
• Eavestroughs
• Shingles

These exterior construction capabilities apply to your building, whether the facility is residential, commercial, or industrial.

Just like our roofing installation process, the exterior construction process begins with an on-site assessment that produces a cost as labor estimate.


We are able to remove your existing exterior features, as part of the process of installing new ones. As for brand new features, we install exactly what you need.

Contact us in Regina, Saskatchewan, to make an estimate request and learn more about our exterior construction services.